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Here’s to you, sweet deluded Ones,
With your pseudo-friendliness and false smiles,
May all your journeys be as fruitful as the last,
Replete with self-praise and inflated opinion,
For your company is rarified
And few who attempt to aspire to its heights
Can manage the egocentrism necessary
To achieve the dizzying success that is mirrored
Solely in your beautiful eyes.

And how beautiful they are,
Reflecting all the colors and subtleties
Of the lifeless bones piled high and crunching
Beneath your dainty feet,
And the sparkle of self-fascination
That the only the delusional possess.

Now the time has come for you all to fly,
Higher than previously imagined,
To a plane where your dreams
Take precedence over all others,
And the joy that fills their hearts
Becomes food to fill your hungry veins.

For only when the last drop of blood is swallowed
And the last morsel of soul is devoured
Will your emptiness be filled and
Your sorrow begin.



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Are you sleeping or just waiting
For a certain someone to glide
Down from above and
Escort you into the vale
Where anything is possible
And no one in your waking world
Is the wiser?

If so, take my hand and rise up
Because where night has fallen,
Dawn quickly follows
And under her creeping light
We’ll be discovered
Conspiring in the shadows.

That must never happen
If the fragile web that binds
Material structure to you
Like a shield remains intact;
For without its familiar restraint,
You’ll slip into the void
And be lost to primal impulse.

But that lure holds just enough
Temptation that when it beckons,
We answer and fly to those
Secret places that still remain
Beyond the reach of conscience
And open to those who fully
Surrender to love.


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I want so much to hear your voice again.
To follow it down into the violet space that
Cushioned me from the reality of my world
And silenced the doubts that prey upon me.
Because I hear them daily now,
Urging me to give up and allow the blackness
To seep into my veins and corrode my soul
With its paralytic stupor.
And it’s tempting, somewhat, to think I could
Play with my own remote
And turn myself on and off at will,
Bypassing the pain and reveling in the joy
Even if it’s only remembered and not truly real.
At least in those imagined moments,
I feel alive and whole again,
And I hear your voice speaking words of love
That aren’t artful and contrived,
But ring true like a gong
With sound rippling and circling in every direction,
Flattening disbelief and hesitation like sheaves
Of wheat in the sun.
It shakes me free of the spell and I can walk away
From the lethargy that binds my feet to the earth
And my spirit to defeat and for that moment,
I soar. 
Higher and higher, past the stratosphere
Beyond the galaxies into that lavender haze
Where the infinite resides and all things are possible.

But, it’s only a daydream, and a bitter one, too
For it opened the door to eternity and slammed it shut
Before I could walk through,
Leaving me with only the memory of the words
And their unfinished creation.


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The only task remaining is to retreat into a shell of my own making
Surrounded by walls that cannot be breached
And battlements that extend as far as the mind can fathom.
I will wear it like armor
Shining steel and black stone
Lining a bottomless pit that yawns into oblivion
And smothers the last of me in smoke and shadow.

I don’t want to inhabit this body anymore
For it betrayed me and left my heart open to
Hunters who care only for sport.
It was shot and left to hang upon a tripod
Turning the snow to red and my dreams to dust.
Follow the trail
A single set of bloody footprints disappearing into
The trees beyond is the only clue of the hunter
Who found and abandoned his mark.

The quarry can never be claimed and devoured now
For it slipped its moorings and fractured
into a thousand icy fragments which seeded the ground
And gave rise to this fortress.
All that remains is to enter and bar the door
Forever to future assault.
A task made easier since there is nothing left to defend.


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This one’s for you,
Dark master of the black arts,
Taking pleasure in misguiding hearts,
Your bill has come due.

No need to pay in full
That would make it real.
Better it takes you piecemeal
To watch you slowly dull

Beneath the weight
Of your obligations
And filial tribulations
That convert love to hate

And joy to sorrow.
For the Muse has deserted you
And your health lies in ruin.
All the gifts of tomorrow

Lay out of reach.
Shelved by your own hand
They withered in the sands
Of time now beached

And forgotten.
Cry to the heavens, if you will,
Your cause cannot be fulfilled
For Heaven is deaf and wiser men

Than you know it.
They stay on their knees
And take what’s given, not seized
By vanity and childish fit.

But yours will fold
Surely as all the rest and
When you topple, I will see you fall
Into the Black Hand that holds

You in its grip.
Into the mist, you will fade away,
Once king now but prisoner and prey,
Forever aboard an ill-fated ship.


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Years ago,
On a sunny afternoon,
I’d watch the clouds go by
White, pink and blue.
In the grass
I’d lie and dream
Of leaving all behind
And without scheme
Visit places
So far away
On a magic carpet,
I’d float around
Hearing voices drift
From the ground.
But this morning
I walk through fog
My airborne carriage of dreams
Now like a bog.
All around me
Is blurred in white
Hoarfrost settled
In the night.
And a voice
From the past
Or lines from a book
Once read, now cast

Told me…
The clouds, they don’t cure
But only obscure
The dreams that entice
And entomb them in ice

Now my steps
Once light and gay
Hit the pavement
And fade away.
For there is nothing
That will ease the pain
Or the memory
Wrapped like a chain

Around my heart.

Because of fog
All flights are down
Ones of fancy
And those avowed.


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What’s behind your gaze,
Lady with the Green Eyes?
Are you looking into the future or
Staring at the past?
Or maybe they both shrink away
From your steely watch
Where nothing dare escape.

Is that what you weigh, Lady,
Deciding which way to go?
Left, right, up, down,
In a finite world which
Demands you choose
And suffer its lot.

Some say you broke the mold
And walls along the way,
But how can you break what
Isn’t even there?
Like a ghost,
You walked through them
Without muss to your curls
Or runs in your stockings,
And took the secret to your grave
Where it waits to be found again.

~In loving memory of my maternal grandmother, Alma Alberta Firebaugh Mishler