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Maureen Dowd, blogger at the New York Times, brought up an interesting point in her post yesterday about the DC vultures picking away at Ms. Kagen.  Is she or isn’t she gay/straight, asexual, single/married, frumpy/stylish?           

And while an enjoyable rant, I couldn’t help but wonder why the fuss?  True, unmarried men are assigned higher value than spinsters, fashionable ones over frumps and open sexuality over closed.  We have a brain that constantly weighs and assigns merit based on duality.

However, all this begs the real question:  Why are these personal inquiries used at all?  Why are women subjected to different examination? 

Who cares if Kagen is gay/straight/asexual/frumpy/stylish/single/married?  Could these personal habits influence her ability/inability to perform as a Justice?  If so, why weren’t the same nosey questions asked of the prior male candidates?

If memory serves, the same stupid questions were raised during the confirmations of Ginsburg and Sotomayor.  However, Scalia wasn’t asked about his sexual orientation.  Clarence Thomas was not ridiculed for his fashion choices.  When was the last time Chief Justice Roberts was asked about his marital status?

If there is a connection between rumpled clothes and leftist sympathies, then all the homeless people living in refrigerator boxes on lower Wacker would constitute an entire front.  Not all gay voters are Democrat; not all straight voters are Republican.  And fashionistas blow with the wind.

Since more attention is paid to her personal life than to her political leanings, I suspect the jury has already ruled and is spending the interim criticizing her wardrobe and bedroom activities.  What else is there to do?  She’s a chick, remember? 

And so it seems the double standard is alive and well.  The second grade playground rules are still applicable, especially when one is looking for dibs on high political office.  Are you pretty, stylish, straight and available?  Then the High Court awaits your arrival….




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Bend over and grab your ankles because the corporate monster wants your ass.  Don’t even think about being wined and dined; you’ll be lucky if you can manage to get your pants off in time.  The business of the United States is business, so assume the position.

And you can stop the liberal kaffeklatsching because your voice was silenced years ago.  Nobody cares about your rights.  All that fluff about the Constitution is nothing but that:  a pile of fuzz meant to distract you from the menial work you’re obliged to perform. 

You mean you didn’t notice the shackles around your feet?   Look down.   They’re the shiny happy ones with the Wii trademark embossed on the side.  Keep jumping and buying, my little serf friend, because you’ll never get off this farm.  And neither will your children or your great-grandchildren.  

You’ve amassed such a huge pile of debt that indentured servitude is your only option.  Consider yourself lucky; if you weren’t needed to keep that grist mill turning, you might be sweating it out in a debtor’s prison.

Oh, wait a minute… this is a debtor’s prison.  It’s just the extra-large house arrest variety with the flip-top work release option.  They think of everything. 

But don’t worry; everyone’s plugged into the same matrix.  As long as you’re kept doped and exhausted, who cares if you’re pimped out to the highest bidder?   Besides, even if you wanted recourse, to whom or what would you appeal?  There will be no one to hold sleazebag corporations accountable and they know it.

So relax and enjoy it.  You might find sitting a little painful, but that’s all by design.  Time is money and loafing around in chairs is counterproductive.  Remember… you’re a team player now.


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What is the measure of a successful relationship?  Longevity?  Progeny?  Mutual respect?  A stunning real estate portfolio?  I recently put the question to a number of people and their answers were revealing.  Instead of finding contentment in the classic template of our parents and grandparents, most chafe under it and yearn for something else.

The majority of those polled admitted that old-fashioned gender roles were dissatisfying.  Men said they were more befuddled than ever.  Ladies complained of the unfair burden placed upon them.  It seemed that despite the feminism they embraced, they still shouldered the bulk of the domestic chores.  Helen Gurley Brown was wrong; you can’t have it all … unless you’ve managed to clone yourself.

Judging from the response of both camps, it seems this frustration is mutual.  Why then do we insist upon using a formula that no longer serves?  Are we hardwired for this division of labor, or have we evolved to a level where we must reevaluate and consciously change our behavior?

Assuming that we’re capable of real change, where would we begin?  Pitching the whole thing and starting from scratch?  Pruning a few dead branches from an otherwise healthy tree?  A slow replacement of the unworkable with the untested?  If we have learned anything from experience, wholesale legislation rarely works …especially when venturing into the minefield of civil liberties.  People rarely part with their dearly held beliefs, even if they are self-defeating.

So we remain trapped, unwilling to change yet stymied by inertia.  Is it any wonder that we’re enraged?  The real question is with whom are we truly angry, our hapless companions or ourselves.


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So many hopes are pinned to this man, I wonder if he can remain airborne.  Like the many who preceeded him and those who will follow, the greatest challenge is not winning the White House, but making good on his promises.

It’s almost impossible not to like him.  He’s a smart man in a stupid world.  And we have grown weary of the clumsy men and women in high office who don’t even take pains to conceal their selfishness.  It may be hard, impossible even, to remain virtuous in a cesspool like Washington, but that’s exactly what we want from our elected officials.

I don’t envy him the job he’s about to tackle.  Who wants to clean up another’s mess?  Undoubtedly, he will be blamed for the shitstorm and then criticized for not acting fast enough to dispose of it.  Isn’t that what a larger-than-life hero does?  He finds solutions to intractable problems and eliminates them with a blast from his X-ray eyes!

It will take more than a super-hero to deliver us from this evil.  Unless each one of us is prepared to commit to unflinching self-examination and to behave with rigorous honesty, we cannot expect it from politicians.   They are only as noble -or wicked- as the constituency they represent.


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The pit is swallowing me whole.  The walls are collapsing and I can’t get out.  It’s sticky and heavy and feels like lead.  If I come home to find one more bullshit task waiting, I’m going to pack my bags and run away. 

Home doesn’t feel like home anymore.  It’s an animal hotel and I’m the janitor stuck with all the thankless responsibility.  Does it make me a bad person to say I’m sick of the job?  How many times do I have to hear how noble it is to take in yet another homeless pet?  How self-sacrificing it is to come to the aid of poor animals that have been thrown away by heartless owners?  

I know we must all do our part, but does that mean we should enable the sick motherfuckers by shouldering their work?  I can’t bear another story of some wretched animal being neglected, beaten and starved by its owner.  The end is always the same.  The pet is happily relocated (or in extreme conditions, euthanized) and the previous owner goes about his business, free of punishment and conscience!  For every Michael Vick, there are thousands who go unnoticed by the media.

Is it wrong to feel imposed upon by those worthless assholes?  Why must I look the other way?  It’s not a constitutional right to mistreat animals.  Who cares if these bags of skin complain about their civil liberties being violated?  They’d have a lot more to bitch about if ever I get my hands on them!

But since that’s improbable, I’ll have to settle for imagining their collective demise while scooping out litterboxes and picking up dog poop in the park.  I only hope that I remember to take care of myself as well.


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There is no point searching for intelligent design among a species bereft of reason.  Look at newspapers (if you still bother to read one) and television:  More testimony of the failure of human beings to take their heads out of the collective ass.    It’s not only demoralizing to witness, it’s painful to be party to.  One can’t simply refuse to participate without being anti-social.  The only option is to lie back and watch the world implode.

Of course, one can always pick up the banner of charity.  Hollywood loves the earnest celebrity weary of privilege.  Nearly every tabloid carries at least one story of some svelte egotist giving time and self to a heavily-publicized cause.   And the reader of same will sigh and judge himself unfavorably against the actions of his selfless brother.  Oh, but if he were a man of greater importance!  What marvelous changes would be wrought!

It never occurs to him that a 70+ hour work week leaves little time for family, let alone for the needy.  He does not have the luxury of self-promotion because he’s chained to the gerbil wheel and he spins it hard for upper management.  If he did not, he would be standing alongside the bums at the soup kitchen. 

But corporate multinationals don’t want their indentured servants questioning rank, so even CEOs have to trot out their charitable concerns on occasion, just to keep the chattel (and IRS) happy.  Aren’t huge tax deductions grand?   

With the world enslaved or eking out a subsistance living, supervision defaults to power-mongers and narcissists who are incapable of seeing beyond their own needs.  Nearly every day we are entreated to give more of ourselves, usually by the same people who have made this impossible.  Poverty!  Hunger!  Injustice!  Disease!  Terrible problems that can only be addressed if we part with our dollars and embrace our fellow man in a spirit of unselfish love!  One has to admire the balls of those making the tearful pleas.  They know their audience and they’re not ashamed to work every morose sentiment.   

Like the movie audience, everyone is happy in the dark. A handful of people perch atop the remainder and those below are content to fight for their leavings.  The afflictions of the world continue unchecked and the bias circles in perpetuity.  The reason bestowed by intelligent design or accident is subverted and a few lucky people benefit.