The only task remaining is to retreat into a shell of my own making
Surrounded by walls that cannot be breached
And battlements that extend as far as the mind can fathom.
I will wear it like armor
Shining steel and black stone
Lining a bottomless pit that yawns into oblivion
And smothers the last of me in smoke and shadow.

I don’t want to inhabit this body anymore
For it betrayed me and left my heart open to
Hunters who care only for sport.
It was shot and left to hang upon a tripod
Turning the snow to red and my dreams to dust.
Follow the trail
A single set of bloody footprints disappearing into
The trees beyond is the only clue of the hunter
Who found and abandoned his mark.

The quarry can never be claimed and devoured now
For it slipped its moorings and fractured
into a thousand icy fragments which seeded the ground
And gave rise to this fortress.
All that remains is to enter and bar the door
Forever to future assault.
A task made easier since there is nothing left to defend.


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