When a friendship, marriage or affair ends, what happens to the love?  Does it disappear into nothingness?  Disintegrate into a cobwebby mess in the back of the closet?  Morph into something else?  If energy can be neither created nor destroyed, then it must be loitering about somewhere.  But where?

Most would argue that it takes another shape, usually an unpleasant one that festers in the back of one’s mind, like a thought that spins endlessly.  You don’t really like the thought, but can’t imagine your life without it.  It’s a medicine ball dropped in your lap that you can’t pass to another because they’re too busy carrying their own.

Some say it creates a vacuum for another occupant.   Ned’s marriage to Sally ended, but he’s okay with it because he believes someone better will come along.  If that’s true, then why are there so many songs about heartbreak?  Shouldn’t they be cheerful instead?

I don’t believe it shapeshifts or solicits.  Once prized and now discarded, it waits… banished to the Island of Misfit Toys, hoping to be reevaluated and cherished again.

It may never happen.  The toys could languish for decades, centuries, but they are still there.   The teddybear missing a button eye:  You really loved that old friend from the neighborhood, but the two of you could never see eye to eye.   The doll that won’t stand up properly:  The ex-wife who embarrassed you at office functions.   The broken jack-in-the-box:   The lover you abandoned because the risk frightened you.

And perhaps they are better off on the island.  Not all of them are suitable for contemporary play.  Yet, at one time they were esteemed and helped to shape you into the person you are today.   Instead of pretending they don’t exist, maybe we should be grateful to them.  After all, pretending is a child’s game.


2 Responses to “ISLAND OF MISFIT TOYS”

  1. Raymond Seymour Says:

    Love is beautiful, its the greatest thing u will ever experience, its the be all and end all of everything , “Love conquers All…. because it destroys everything it touches”

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