Years ago,
On a sunny afternoon,
I’d watch the clouds go by
White, pink and blue.
In the grass
I’d lie and dream
Of leaving all behind
And without scheme
Visit places
So far away
On a magic carpet,
I’d float around
Hearing voices drift
From the ground.
But this morning
I walk through fog
My airborne carriage of dreams
Now like a bog.
All around me
Is blurred in white
Hoarfrost settled
In the night.
And a voice
From the past
Or lines from a book
Once read, now cast

Told me…
The clouds, they don’t cure
But only obscure
The dreams that entice
And entomb them in ice

Now my steps
Once light and gay
Hit the pavement
And fade away.
For there is nothing
That will ease the pain
Or the memory
Wrapped like a chain

Around my heart.

Because of fog
All flights are down
Ones of fancy
And those avowed.


One Response to “HOARFROST”

  1. Wowee. Keine Sheize meine Mouzie.

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