What’s behind your gaze,
Lady with the Green Eyes?
Are you looking into the future or
Staring at the past?
Or maybe they both shrink away
From your steely watch
Where nothing dare escape.

Is that what you weigh, Lady,
Deciding which way to go?
Left, right, up, down,
In a finite world which
Demands you choose
And suffer its lot.

Some say you broke the mold
And walls along the way,
But how can you break what
Isn’t even there?
Like a ghost,
You walked through them
Without muss to your curls
Or runs in your stockings,
And took the secret to your grave
Where it waits to be found again.

~In loving memory of my maternal grandmother, Alma Alberta Firebaugh Mishler


One Response to “FEMME FATALE”

  1. Kimmy it is really moving. Blessed to read this this morning.

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