I’ve often wondered why forgiveness is such a rare commodity.  It’s a common tenet to nearly every known doctrine, yet it’s the least circulated coin of the realm. We deny it to others, thinking ourselves righteous or vengeful.  Yet, who really suffers when it’s withheld?

As I walked this morning, I tried to keep my mind off its task and into the strange puzzle-solving moving meditation it has become of late.  What is the nature of forgiveness?  Why is it necessary?  Who benefits?  With each step, I realized that two columns of my own life were tallying up some substantial numbers:  Stupid Acts Requiring Forgiveness, and People Waiting to be Forgiven.   Who was I to deny it when I had plenty of reason to ask for it?

Then of course came the hypothetical explanations, the theoretical overtures, the oh-so-proper wording that would elicit sympathy and skirt responsibility.  All mental exercises that if correctly executed would secure forgiveness and deliver me back into the fold.

So why hadn’t I done it?

I rounded the corner and the sun shone full on my face, and suddenly I understood the reason.  I wanted forgiveness to be granted like a star shining on me no matter what.  It shines day and night, without supplication or sacrifice and heedless to outcome.  It can’t be withheld or kept in a box.  It shines because that is what it is.

I immediately shelved the mind exercises and resolved to offer truce to those kept in limbo.  Maybe they, too, have been waiting for the star.


One Response to “STAR OF BETHLEHEM”

  1. Quoting from Anonymous;
    “Not forgiving others is like swallowing poison hoping that your enemy dies.”

    Not forgiving ourSelves also fits here, since we are usually our own worse enemy.

    Blessings to You this Christmas Day!

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