I didn’t think I had that many in mine.  I was wrong.

You know what I mean… all those persons who are bad news, activities that sap your strength, thought patterns that are destructive.  How many in your garden?

I’ve spent years trying to whittle off mental and physical baggage, sometimes successfully.  Other times, not.  And even though I thought I was being fairly diligent about the process, the cosmos must believe differently because my garden is choked with weeds.

Let’s be honest.  I know what to do; I’ve just been reluctant to do it because for one, I’m lazy and for two,  I can’t make a decision.  What if I need one of them later?  Will they resent being yanked from my yard?  If I pull the wrong one, what then?

In addition, there’s something disturbing about a pristine garden.  It doesn’t look like the rest.  Someone’s bound to take notice and sound the alarm, and before you know it, you’re surrounded by a hostile mob demanding explanation why you’ve chosen to be different.  Weeds are good, you’re told, let ‘em grow like we do and you’ll fit right in.

But what if you don’t fit in?

What if you don’t want what everyone else claims to have, but can’t produce?  Isn’t there something more than short-term gratification and long-term regret?

I was once told a long time ago that the road to self-awareness is a lonely one.  It has to be because the individual is the only one who can travel it.   We delay our departure because so many things/weeds get in the way until we’re just too tired to start.  So we invest in the next generation, hoping they’ll have the courage to go where we could not.  The only problem is that, as humans, we learn by example.  If you’re wondering why young people are fat, complacent, and somewhat unwilling to fledge, we have only to look at ourselves.

I don’t want to suffocate under the weight of weeds which my inaction allowed to proliferate.  So today, while the moon is New, I’m putting on my kneepads and gloves, and will hoe until my garden is free and I can breathe once more.


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