Why do we allow ourselves to be held hostage by the blatant rudeness and self-advancement of others?  Are we afraid of offending them?  Have we become a nation of those who observe social order and those who don’t?

These phenomena are not limited to the surly 20-something bagging your groceries, or the snotty 30-something who can’t be bothered with responsibility if it interferes with her plans for the evening.  Consider our elected officials, corporate honchos, celebrities… all of whom have no internal conflict with elbowing their way to the front of the line.  Did Goldman Sachs wring their hands with humilation before extending them for a handout?  No.  They paid their directors fat bonuses with the windfall.   Are the Bickersons in Congress fighting about solutions to our national debt, or are they fighting for pack position?  If you think they’re working for you, think again.  The only thing driving these self-seekers is self.

Shouldn’t we organize a revolt and throw out all the miserable parasites?  Sure, but what explanation will you offer the constituents who voted them in, or the stockholders who are dependent on the actions of the board?  Yeah, nobody likes BP drilling in the Gulf, Exxon puking crude across Montana and AIG reneging on their federal bailout… but nothing is actually done about it.  Congress offers a rebuke and lawsuits are filed, but we all know the end to that particular story.  Litigation will continue for years and those immediately effected will lose their homes, businesses and lives in the interim.  It’s just collateral damage, but within acceptable limits for those who don’t really care what happens provided their agenda are met.

Just like that bully on the playground.  You remember him, don’t you?  The savage who stole money and doled out black eyes for fun?  Everyone tiptoed around him for fear of being the next target, or became toadies to get a piece of the action.  As much as he was loathed, he was useful to some.  He was the hammer that broke the nuts and took the best -but not all-  for himself.  The rest was divided among those who feared association with him as much as losing the benefits rendered by such association.  As long as their hands were not used to punch your face and swipe your wallet, they could plead innocence to the crime and still enjoy its perks.

Which is why nothing is done in Congress or in court to curb the behavior of monolithic bullies:  Someone is benefitting from their actions.  Maybe that someone is your neighbor, co-worker or Facebook friend… someone who publicly condemns the savagery yet is privately dependent upon it.  Stock porfolios, 401ks, retirement funds, business investments and Social Security benefits all depend upon the bits gleaned from the nutshells.  Could that someone be you?


6 Responses to “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?”

  1. This is what’s in it, Kimmy. There are at least 2 fatal flaws in this society. First, people vote for the one who promises the most candy. Second, people judge good and evil by whether or not they materially benefit from it. Sorry to say, but that torpedos any easy solution to this insanity. Of course, it would be a good idea to pray for mercy. we don’t want to get caught in the blast that the corporate structure deserves.

    The Four Money Questions


  2. new folks are trying to make the wrong changes

    Politically transmitted disease

  3. I should print this off and give it to the Wisconsin State Senator who is here at the fair. One of the 14 that disappeared to avoid a vote in Madison.

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