He wasn’t a saint, but I adored him anyway.  From my earliest memories of him carrying me on his arm, to his last day on life support when that arm fell slack and he slipped away, he was my Dad and champion.

It was a struggle in the early years, but something always appeared when needed.  Dad worked a full-time job while putting himself through undergraduate and law school, and still managed to provide enough to allow my mother to stay at home to care for three children.  We didn’t have much, but I didn’t know it.  Our home was tidy, with a large garden and fruit trees in the backyard.  Dad built life-size playhouses in the yard and took us camping in the summer.   I can still taste the strawberries that grew in the sandy soil.

Because he worked odd shifts I didn’t see him much, save the early mornings when I’d get up just to watch him shave and eat Cheerios together at the formica kitchen table.  He never spoke to me as if I was a child.  Instead, he would tell me about history, or philosophy, or possibilities of the future.  I never thought they were abstract concepts.  Dreams were real because my dad made them so by utterance.

More than home, education and stability, he unlocked my mind during those formative years and gave me its key:  the belief that anything is possible.  Goals met, visions realized, problems solved, ideas created… there are no limits, only limited beliefs.

Maybe he fostered an over-imaginative daughter, but even in my darkest hours I have never lost hope or faith.  Dad taught me, whether by lesson or model, that they are indestructible virtues and if sincerely embraced, will take the believer to places yet to be imagined.  Not just successes within this world, but to the infinite number beyond.


3 Responses to “DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL”

  1. Pat Yackanich Says:

    Oh Kim,
    This writing brought me to tears! Brava, beautiful tribute to Dad on Father’s Day……

  2. Your Dad sounds like he could have been interviewed for the “Down the Rabbit Hole” dvd. We are in a time and place where it is all about infinite possibilities and Humans with unlimited potential. That’s not a bad lesson for any Dad to share with their children. Good story and lesson!

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