I had the strangest dream last night.  Seated across from me in a dark and rundown coffee shop, was a man once dear now relegated to the past.  He seemed older than I remember, careworn and withered, nearly as faded as the peeling vinyl under me.  We sat in a booth festooned with cobwebs; the cups before us were empty and chipped.  Like movie noire, everything was in shades of grey… a departure from my usually florid Cinescope nighttime fare.   

I couldn’t recall how I got there, only that the interface required my attention.  I complied… somewhat unwillingly given the topic, and tuned into his voice.  He was asking me to take him back on the same terms and to return to the inappropriate place I once occupied.

It was a nervy request, but one without apparent guile… sort of like the man himself, or the man everyone save me knows him to be.  But I know him, perhaps better than anyone alive, and am intimately acquainted with his character.  It is not one I wish further acquaintance, ergo the plea to reconsider. 

I wondered why someone would choose this medium to make his intent known.  Surely the subjective nature of dreamstate makes it unreliable for communication.  I mean, who can really decipher the crazy symbology?  Yet here was one, determined to make a go of it and blissfully certain of the outcome, too.

Don’t get me wrong: I have a well-developed fantasy life and it nearly got the best of me.  I understand the pitfalls of such and have learned (the hard way) that expectation and reality rarely meet.  That’s why it’s so important to savor the life that one actually has, or be forever marooned on a mental atoll.  It requires attention and focus on the present, not some stylized version of it.

Those who maneuver through subtle realms might think they can outwit karma and try to live a parallel life.  Maybe that is possible in theory, but it still requires willing participants.  It is no longer a private fantasy, but a shared one and therefore subject to the demands (or refusals) of others.  It becomes just as confused and unpredictable as real life, and just as prone to karma production.  

Thus the real question is posed:  Is your life so awful that you’re ready to risk racking up karmic charges from two locations?  If so, maybe your attention is better served in dealing with mess you have now than the mess you’ll create later.


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