If you’re very still, you might hear your name called on the wind.  Follow it if you must, but be forewarned:  Once you set foot onto this path, there is no going back.

Wouldn’t you like to know what’s just beyond the curve in the road?  Sure, we all would.  However the only way to see around the bend is to actually go around it.  Which mean, of course, you’ll have to take a chance and brave the scary night.

The interesting thing about dark and threatening places is the way we immediately avoid them, assuming that nasty things await.  Is that just the primary reaction of our reptilian brains?  Think of all the possible predators that lie in ambush just outside the door…  It’s enough to keep any sane person inside.

Unless, of course, the road you’re travelling is already inside.  Mustering a force against internal predators is a lot trickier and not for the fainthearted.  The monsters hiding behind these bushes are more frightening, especially when they are wearing your face.

Maybe that’s why we shrink from those dark places:  we might find the worst of ourselves and then we must live knowing we’re not perfect.  However, if one braves it anyway, a curious thing usually happens.  After the dust settles and the grieving for lost self-image is over, the sun returns more brilliantly than before.

Like a rainbow at the end of a storm, beauty shines brightest when juxtaposed against the black.  Suddenly all the effort -the wailing, the doubt, the rage, the sorrow- seems worth it.  Have our senses been sharpened by ordeal, or are we simply grateful to have survived?  It doesn’t really matter as long as our perception has changed.  Then perhaps when the next dark and scary night descends, we’ll embrace it…  knowing that afterward we’ll be the better for it.



  1. This thought of yours is a perfect analogy for
    ‘No matter where you go, there you are!’

    Embracing all the darkness of the Bright Shiny Days, the Loud Crashing Storms, the Rainbows and all the nights ahead. My new sign may read,”Happily Re-Inventing My Self, Thank You!”

    Hit the Nail on the Head, Kim!

  2. “the monsters hiding behind these bushes are more frightening, especially
    when they are wearing your face”
    You’ve said plenty & a half with this
    and once again articulated well (like an old wise soul)
    the very important lesson of facing the darknesses,
    and coming through,
    warmer lightnesses facing you.
    thanx again, G.R.

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