And that’s a good thing, considering I was just about to start another useless feedback loop. 

Maybe it was just a test, really, but the day started off  like the previous had ended:  riddled with anxiety and finding no happy solution to a problem that’s plagued me for a while.  Even consulting with neutral third parties failed to yield any ideas.  I found myself brooding about my involvement, what I had done or had forgotten to do, and berating myself for not being on top of every detail.

I thought about the action which had caused my problem, analyzing it from every angle… all angles except those which could have been accomplished by another.  I realized that I was -again- trying to compensate for the lack of right action by the other party and trying to avoid the discomfort of being in a jam by brainstorming ideas out of it.

Something distracted me from analysis:  It was the smell of Spring.  At first, she teased me with a soft warm breeze which turned my head to the window.  Then I saw the sun and heard the birds singing in the bushes and they reminded me of what my obsessive thinking had shut out.  Today is the first day of the solar year, time to begin anew.  Why was I wasting my time on the old?

My next breath felt like the turning of a page, one that I need never refer to again.   Phew!  Saved by the vernal equinox!  Who knows how long I would have languished there if Kukulkan hadn’t slithered down the pyramid steps this morning and bitten off my head?  

Thanks for catching me in the nick of time, Wise One.  I guess snakes really do fly.


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