Action is often at odds with words.  The reasons for this may vary, but in general the discrepancy occurs when truth fails to meet expectation.  Excuses are made and the myth perpetuated lest opinion be shifted unfavorably.

Social standing can be more important than truth, and often is, especially when assets are involved.  Better to be considered a model citizen, parent or spouse than to admit to friends or self that more lurks under the surface than appearance.  It’s easier to lie and conduct a parallel life than to freely profess one’s intention.

Why is this?  Usually a social no-no is involved, one that is irresistible yet proscribed.  Temptation invariably wins out because human nature is such that interest always trumps self-denial.

This begs the real question:  Where lay one’s real interests?  We might profess agreement with social constraints knowing they are the glue which binds us into orderliness, but secretly indulge in its prohibitions because they, and not convention, are our true interest.

Yet flagrant disregard of social norm brings more than disapproval (or punishment depending on the severity of transgression).  It defies the authority of human society, or at least the society to which we aspire, and to question this authority is to challenge those precepts to which we voluntarily abide.

No one is forced to be a good husband, mother or soldier, but actions are taken if one is not.  And therein lays the loophole:  If one is not discovered misbehaving, one can pretend to be good and not face consequence. 

Obviously the more solitary the forbidden pursuit, the less likely the discovery.  However, since humans are social creatures, it’s more probable that others will be involved and the risk of discovery grows exponentially.  Participants, therefore, must agree to covert action and trust that their fellow sinners will do the same.

But where is trust among thieves?  If one places their happiness, security or life in the hands of the admittedly deceptive, what chance has the whole truth to be known?  It will be jettisoned, along with everything else one holds dear, to protect the honor of the undeserving.


2 Responses to “THE HOLE TRUTH”

  1. Wow. C’est vrai. Rings true as a bell all the way here at this end
    fine work

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