Are you strong enough to take a leap of faith?  Or will you sit this one out, waiting for a guaranteed outcome with all loose ends neatly tied in a bow?

If you’re like me, you spent too many years waiting.  Waiting for ideal conditions, permission or fortune to manifest before making crucial decisions.  Time lapses and those prerequisites never show up, yet the task remains unfinished.  Then one faces either acting without preparation or waiting indefinitely.

Someone once told me that manifestation is divided into thirds.  One third is self-effort, or moving toward the goal.  The second is the goal moving toward you.  The remaining third is the province of the unknown, the universe moving in its own good time to bring the the two together.

It relieved me somewhat knowing that I wasn’t completely responsible for success or failure, yet it only raised more questions.  How much effort is necessary on my part?  How will I know if my goal is moving toward me?  How long do I have to wait for the universe to process and unite us?  I wasn’t sure what frustrated me more, that I was only a third wheel or that more waiting seemed inevitable.

Then it occured to me that instead of a series of events, my life was an unbroken line of them, stretching from the beginning to the obscured future.  I’m not waiting for something to happen; that something is already occuring.  It’s only my judgment that renders one thing more important or desirable than another.  But in truth, they are all equally valuable and a part of my life experience.  And as if a logjam had been suddenly cleared, I made my decision, took the leap and found myself happily on the other side. 

Some of those left behind question my action.  I just smile when the criticism flows.  The barbs that once wounded me to the heart only make me laugh now.  They have nothing to do with me and everything to do with how the speaker feels about himself.  How can I explain that I have not deserted them, but only the traps in my own mind?


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