What was it,  a jumbled dream that bled into real life?  A game?  An antidote to boredom?  A lesson in what not to do?

As time passes it becomes fragmented, like recalling moments from a past that is subject to constant revision.  Conscience and third party comments skew the facts so thoroughly that what actually transpired is lost, buried under a mound of disinformation and regret.

For what purpose serve the tools of the waking mind if not to dissect the activity of its freed counterpart?  It moves without restraint to that which beckons, even if those be unsanctioned.   It’s often at odds with life game pieces already played, creating disorder which must be explained… or hidden.

Eventually all accept the proffered excuse because it’s easier to believe a fabrication than to face the pain of our divided nature.  For we all struggle with inner yearnings that oppose our outer lives, but to deny their existence is to reject a part of self and allow it to die.

Is that all it was, a reminder that I am slowly dying piece by piece?  Casting off bits of self until there is nothing left and nobody left to approve since they, too, have self-disintegrated?  Or maybe it’s a warning to begin reintegration while pieces still remain.


2 Responses to “JUST A DREAM”

  1. That’s a stunning photo and a thought provoking blog. Let me think awhile…

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