One moment she was curled on my lap, batting at the laptop cords.  The next she was wrapped in my sweater, lying beneath the rose bushes, as cold as the wind biting through my coat.

To where have you flown, my little fairy?  To an enchanted land where mice and birds happily succumb and humans don’t drag you from place to place?  We saw so much during these fourteen years that I don’t blame you for leaving.  The road is wearying, even for a queen.

No more will I feel your warmth or hear your tiny heartbeat next to mine.  I had to let you go to the bitter December wind.  It raged until I opened the door and you took wing upon it, leaving me with tears that have turned to ice.

For you have escaped the winter, but I must remain and count the days until spring opens the rosebuds that wait upon your return.



  1. Aww… Kimmy, that was so poignant, it brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Your heaviness of heart will soon empty and become a light heart full of love again. You need not wait for the Spring either!

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