Get behind it.  And I mean NOW…

Your all-access pass was revoked the day you voluntarily surrendered it, so don’t try to climb over the barrier.  I have enlisted the aid of large burly men -and one particularly vengeful seraphim- to act as bouncers and they will be delighted to throw you out on your ass… provided you have one after they’ve finished.

Stop with the lame explanations.  It’s not as if you didn’t have it coming.  You’ve been lurking around like a thief in the night and and helping yourself to that which is not yours.  I’m tired of it.  Who said you were welcome?  Get back behind the rope and stay there.

It’s obvious you’re accustomed to having your own way and not being denied anything.  Get used to defeat, my friend, because you’ll never win this one.  There are some lines that cannot be crossed even for those who never observe boundaries, and you’ve crossed the last one.   

You’ve managed to avoid discovery by assigning blame or denial, but that won’t work with me.  Consequence follows action in this world.   It doesn’t matter how convincingly you plead your case, the outcome will not change, so heed my warning and back off. 

I don’t care if you object.  This is not yours to decide.  You’ve crashed my VIP lounge for the very last time.


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