The invitation was rescinded long ago, yet he continues to drop in unannounced.  He skulks along the perifory, either alone or with his unholy companion, until he sees an opportunity.  He leaps, but seizes nothing.  I’ve eluded him once again.

He’ll never catch me.  It doesn’t matter how clever he is, I always know when he’s around.  His presence is a toxic wave that sends its selfish intention before it.  That alone prompts me to action and I’m gone even before he steals in.

Confidence will be his downfall.  He overestimates his ability and thinks that he’ll easily regain what he casually lost.  He’s mistaken, but because he’s never been seriously challenged, he’ll continue his fruitless assaults until I confront him.

There will be no mercy when I do.  I will wield my sword and cut him down even before he can utter a word.

For I am weary of his intrusions and inflated sense of importance.  What he took was gotten by deceit and no pretty words will convince me otherwise.   Only his head, rolling free from his body, will guarantee that the nightstalking is at an end.


6 Responses to “NIGHT PROWLER”

  1. Traps charged with electric current always works for me.

    I enjoyed this prose,


  2. Yr. prose is wonderful. This tale can be all about something else, you know
    but the beheading part would be a bit much

  3. He never felt “that way” about you. You were in it alone.

    • Me-ow! If that were true, you would be indifferent and have no reason to comment. You showed your hand too soon, doll. 😀

      Just remember, Ruby… if you lose your dreams, you will lose your mind. Ain’t life unkind?

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