Turning a blind eye to someone committing a wrongful act is not discretion.  It is collusion.   Failure to speak against it is not being polite and politically correct.  It is tacit approval.  Whining and complaining about the outcome is not a right.  That was forfeited when your balls fell off.

If you think this Republic asks nothing more of you than to pay taxes and keep your mouth shut, you’re mistaken.  It cannot survive unless people of good conscience take a stand and bring down the gavel. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re dog-tired and broke; everyone else is, too.  Waiting around for some do-gooder to wander by and pick up what you failed to grasp ain’t going to happen because they’re all waiting for you.

If the world is not to your liking, then change it by changing yourself.  Otherwise stay at the mercy of those who do… most of whom do not care about you or anything else.  But remember that inaction has serious consequence.  You are either part of the problem or its solution.  There are no free rides for those who hedge their bets.

I’m just a little guy… what can one person do against rampant hate, crime and corporate greed?  Not much.  But a billion of them can move mountains.


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