Consider this the seventh inning stretch.  Visit the concession stands, use the commode, return a dozen text messages or just snooze in your chair.  This is the blank page between the chapters when you have a chance to breathe before starting the next round.

If you’re lucky, you might be allowed to enjoy two lives in the space of one.  The first might be crammed with a frenzy of karmic activity.  Parents, siblings, school, marriages, work and children will jockey for your attention and you’d better give it to them.  They’re not just common annoyances in the stands; they’re your carefully chosen annoyances.

If you meet them fearlessly and work without prejudice (no matter how challenging they are), they fade away.  Granted they will be replaced by another or others equally irritating, but if you’re patient and not too vested in external reality, their numbers will slow and finally stop altogether.

At which time you find yourself here at the midpoint, wondering if the long siege is truly over and you might take relax and settle in for the next half of your life.  This one however is more creatively designed by you, with less emphasis on clean-up than on contentment.

Would you be able to enjoy present moment or even recognize it if you hadn’t been tempered by all those helpful souls who beat you into attention?  If your life had been bucolic, you might have missed the point altogether.  There are plenty of folks who lead charmed lives, yet they squander their good fortune and drift without aim.  At least you had the sense to meet your obligations head-on.

And now the next chapter is about to begin…


3 Responses to “INTERMEZZO”

  1. Thanks, doll! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, and All the Best!

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