Maureen Dowd, blogger at the New York Times, brought up an interesting point in her post yesterday about the DC vultures picking away at Ms. Kagen.  Is she or isn’t she gay/straight, asexual, single/married, frumpy/stylish?           

And while an enjoyable rant, I couldn’t help but wonder why the fuss?  True, unmarried men are assigned higher value than spinsters, fashionable ones over frumps and open sexuality over closed.  We have a brain that constantly weighs and assigns merit based on duality.

However, all this begs the real question:  Why are these personal inquiries used at all?  Why are women subjected to different examination? 

Who cares if Kagen is gay/straight/asexual/frumpy/stylish/single/married?  Could these personal habits influence her ability/inability to perform as a Justice?  If so, why weren’t the same nosey questions asked of the prior male candidates?

If memory serves, the same stupid questions were raised during the confirmations of Ginsburg and Sotomayor.  However, Scalia wasn’t asked about his sexual orientation.  Clarence Thomas was not ridiculed for his fashion choices.  When was the last time Chief Justice Roberts was asked about his marital status?

If there is a connection between rumpled clothes and leftist sympathies, then all the homeless people living in refrigerator boxes on lower Wacker would constitute an entire front.  Not all gay voters are Democrat; not all straight voters are Republican.  And fashionistas blow with the wind.

Since more attention is paid to her personal life than to her political leanings, I suspect the jury has already ruled and is spending the interim criticizing her wardrobe and bedroom activities.  What else is there to do?  She’s a chick, remember? 

And so it seems the double standard is alive and well.  The second grade playground rules are still applicable, especially when one is looking for dibs on high political office.  Are you pretty, stylish, straight and available?  Then the High Court awaits your arrival….



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