Tread lightly because what you sow today will fall into your lap in a few short weeks.

It’s not unwelcome news actually; if I could put behind all my unfavorable habits in addition to those of others, I’d be happy to be completely rid of both in a fortnight.  As I have no control over others, I’ll have to settle for self-correction. . . which, according to said others, is stunningly overdue.

And so the process of examination continues.  Golly, do I really need this dusty old opinion?  Like a pair of skinny jeans, it waits in the closet for that happy day when I can fit into it again.  Twenty years ago, it was all the rage and everyone flaunted it, but now I wonder why I bother to keep it.  It doesn’t serve me and even if I could wear it again, with all the brash confidence of the truly ignorant, why would I? 

And what about this guilt?  I haven’t seen one so constricting since Grandma got rid of her corset.  Somehow I agreed (or was I duped?) to carry another’s burden and it’s literally squeezing the life out of me.  Is that really necessary?  Nope.  Time to loosen the ties and let that foundation garment hit the floor.  It isn’t sexy; it’s a torture device.  Furthermore, it doesn’t even belong to me.  Why should I wear someone else’s underwear?

What’s this hiding in a shoe box on my shelf?  For crying out loud, I thought I got rid of people pleasing years ago.   I don’t care if I spent a fortune on it, out it goes!  Besides, I wouldn’t be caught dead in shoes so ugly.  Clunky boots caked with mud?  Puh-leeze…  I’m through with slogging through sludge just to win good opinion.  Fuck those whiny do-for-me-or-I’ll-trash-you extortionists.   Me and my 4-inch Jimmy Choos have better things to do.

Hey, this housecleaning really feels great!  Until today, I hadn’t realized how many mental dust bunnies were clogging up the works.  Now I can actually see what needs to be done.  Strange how the dark of the moon can reveal so much…


2 Responses to “NEW MOON”

  1. annabelle schock Says:

    Just how good were you?

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