Is there some other person responsible for getting things done?  I am supposed to relegate action to another and excuse myself?  Is is better to sit idly and wait upon someone who’s waiting for someone who’s also waiting for someone?  Is this nothing but a line of people endlessly waiting for something to happen?

If so, then it’s a waste of time.  What are we waiting for anyway?  The sky to fall?  The other shoe to drop?  For love, fortune and joy to walk through the door?  For a magic wand to make everything right?

We’re so conditioned to cede our hand that we’ve forgotten how to manage our own lives.  And when we attempt those first uncertain steps toward what we feel is appropriate, we get slapped and forced back in our place.  What were we thinking, that everyone would be overjoyed?  That they’d buy a round of drinks to celebrate our new independence?

Nobody lives inside my head but me.  At the end of the day, I have to account for my actions and weigh them against what I believe is right, not to what I’ve been told is right.   If I conformed to societal dictates, I’d be a mess and just as dysfunctional as it.  Is that what I want for myself?

I must make those changes within that I wish to see without, even if it means facing collective disapproval.  If I sit around and wait for someone’s permission, I’ll be waiting forever.


One Response to “WHO, IF NOT I?”

  1. sistersara Says:

    You said a mouthful sister! Rock on!

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