It doesn’t take much to recognize that cold feeling in the pit of your stomach, the one that alerts you to inevitable trouble on the horizon.  It descends like an icy hand that pushes you toward the thing you dread most.  You put on a brave face and behave as if it’s of no importance, but you are shaking so violently inside that you’re certain everyone is aware.  Before you know it, the cord is severed and you’re floating independently.  The object of your affection veers away and you watch him go, knowing that you are powerless to change his course.

You shed countless tears because the grief is so intense that it leaves no space for words.  It squeezes all the air from your chest, but you don’t really mind.  You’d rather life be temporarily extinguished than to face the next moments.  They yawn like an abyss and swallow you whole, awash in pain so unbearable that your screams never reach the top.

But there’s a good reason why you’ve been cast into the immeasurable deep:  You will never be discovered.  You will lie as shipwreckage and be forgotten, your hull slowly disintegrating over time and spilling its cargo onto the sea floor.  It doesn’t matter if what you once carried was valuable.  In the cold black depths, no sunlight will ever illuminate its worth.


One Response to “THE ABYSS”

  1. I really adore your writing style it’s so expressive.

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