I know I’m going to lose myself utterly in this.  When I look about, I cannot see from whence I came nor where I’m going, only the juicy soft and tactile center.  It’s pulsing like a heart, emitting a rhythm which I have no intention of resisting.

Even if that was possible, what would I do with the cadence that’s already begun?  My entire being is vibrating in tandem and I cannot stop its motion.  It pulls me irresistably forward, onto a ledge and into the velvet blackness beyond.

When I was younger and bricked up behind an impenetrable wall, it was easy to dismiss my feeling nature as a random mistake of Providence.   But what I thought were painful lessons in the unreliability of human nature, were actually demonstrations of depth perception and a living reminder of what and who am I.

Without the shield of the wall, I cannot rely upon old habits.  I am forced to look upon this without filter and its profundity amazes me.  It’s contrary to convention and trumps all prior agreements, refusing to be silenced by them or any other arbitrary social custom.

What can I do but yield to it?    There are some mysteries of life which will always remain so, and that excites me.  I don’t want the world to fall under the limited definition of my finite mind, but to expand forever beyond it.


One Response to “THE VELVET EDGE”

  1. Oh my god loved reading this blogpost. I added your rss to my reader.

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