Bend over and grab your ankles because the corporate monster wants your ass.  Don’t even think about being wined and dined; you’ll be lucky if you can manage to get your pants off in time.  The business of the United States is business, so assume the position.

And you can stop the liberal kaffeklatsching because your voice was silenced years ago.  Nobody cares about your rights.  All that fluff about the Constitution is nothing but that:  a pile of fuzz meant to distract you from the menial work you’re obliged to perform. 

You mean you didn’t notice the shackles around your feet?   Look down.   They’re the shiny happy ones with the Wii trademark embossed on the side.  Keep jumping and buying, my little serf friend, because you’ll never get off this farm.  And neither will your children or your great-grandchildren.  

You’ve amassed such a huge pile of debt that indentured servitude is your only option.  Consider yourself lucky; if you weren’t needed to keep that grist mill turning, you might be sweating it out in a debtor’s prison.

Oh, wait a minute… this is a debtor’s prison.  It’s just the extra-large house arrest variety with the flip-top work release option.  They think of everything. 

But don’t worry; everyone’s plugged into the same matrix.  As long as you’re kept doped and exhausted, who cares if you’re pimped out to the highest bidder?   Besides, even if you wanted recourse, to whom or what would you appeal?  There will be no one to hold sleazebag corporations accountable and they know it.

So relax and enjoy it.  You might find sitting a little painful, but that’s all by design.  Time is money and loafing around in chairs is counterproductive.  Remember… you’re a team player now.


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