You might as well pick your side of the bed because you seem to spend a lot of time in it.  I think you’ve taken up permanent residence because as soon as I drift off, I can almost feel you crawl in next to me.  And there you stay, haunting my dreams until I wake up exhausted.

For a while your appearances were so rare, I thought you might have deserted me.  But you were only hanging back, chastened by discovery and slightly dismayed that I was fully aware of your presence.  Did you think I was insensitive to the ebb and flow of your thoughts?  They are as apparent to me as waves upon the sand.

Perhaps it unnerves you to be that vulnerable before me, but all I perceive is beauty and passionate yearning so tangible that I’m never quite sure if I’m awake or dreaming.  And when you greeted me last night, with so many kisses that I lost count of them, the pretense was gone and you were so relieved by its absence that I thought you’d break me in two.

I wonder how long you will keep me company in this dimension.  Some think it’s just a harmless pursuit, locked in the privacy of the mind, but I know otherwise.  Intention dropped into the pool of action sends endless rings before it and there will come a time when the heat from your innermost desire will rise up like a flame and consume us both.


One Response to “DECONSTRUCTION”

  1. WOW………I love your writing and it make my week just read it…thank you

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