What’s the point?  Why bother spending an entire lifetime fighting the current only to be devoured before reaching journey’s end.  If the lesson isn’t obvious to you, read on.

Sure, you can devote yourself to the amassing of riches and other luxurious vices.  You can even sit it out, moping with the rest of the herd, complaining about your lot in life and bemoaning the difficulties of existence.  You can eke out a living or live the high life.  It really doesn’t matter whether you’re flush with cash or living on the street.  Both options are subject to the same ideology:  Life is hard, so better choose to sink or swim.

Who said life has to be hard?  Your neighbor?  The government?  Your own intuition? If life is nothing but an endless series of kicks to the groin, there’s really no point engaging it.  It’s a complete waste of time.   And you’re a fool to participate in something that has no logical outcome.

If this constant struggle yields nothing but misery, why not just float downstream?  If the current is pushing you away, there maybe a damn good reason for it.  Instead of thinking that the current is only hindering you, consider that it’s actually doing you a favor.

Of course your peers will strongly object.  There’s something rather mean-spirited about friends who begrudge you the right to live your own life.  Everyone will weigh in, and usually disapprovingly, so you have to make a choice.  Either face the discomfort of collective disapproval, or experience the gut-wrenching pain of watching your life pass by.  You might desire the good opinion of family and colleagues, but who among them will stand with you at the very end?  They will be too occupied with their own disappointment to notice.

Ultimately the only voice you must answer to is your conscience, but she may not buy your decision to ditch integrity for gain.



  1. hope you and your canoe find peace and harmony downstream

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