storyWoe to the woman who flaunts more curves than are deemed necessary by the fashion élite.  Think of the public humiliation endured by young women like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson, ladies of voluptuous figure who dared cross the haute couture line by appearing less than skeletal.  The commentary was so great that their stories were plastered across the media.  What’s more important than war in the Mideast and global economic meltdown?  Apparently women who refuse to comply with impossibly rigid standards.   Scandalous! 

The people who wring their hands, despairing over the sad lack of esteem among pre- and post-adolescent women are the same who snipe about the waistlines of public figures.  You can’t discourage your teen daughter from binging and purging if you’re buying copies of People magazine.  The volume of stories featuring weight loss and dieting is astounding; it has to be the extreme sport of the 21st century.

Who decides what is fit and what is fat?  The medical community?  They can’t even agree amongst themselves.  The fashion world?  It seems ironic that an industry designed for the benefit and beautification of women would go to such lengths to alter them.  It seems a woman is only truly fabulous if she is less than herself.

With the current vilification, even acknowledged sirens like Marilyn Monroe would be considered too hefty for notice.  No doubt had she survived the 60s, she would have hired a personal trainer, nutritionist, stylist and assistant hired for the sole purpose of counting every calorie she consumed.  Strange that the camera, in spite of its notorious 10 pound distortion, captured her allurements just as well as the scrawny waifs on Gossip Girl.

Perhaps the real issue here is not beauty standards, which apparently fluctuate with the generations, but self-acceptance.  Inner confidence cannot be assailed from without.   No matter how many high-strung fashion mavens gather round and hurl unsolicited advice, a woman sure of herself doesn’t care.  She knows that the criticism is borne from their own fear of rejection and has nothing to do with her at all.  In fact, she might even smile and swing her hips a little more provocatively.  Those hostile skinny bitches might tear her apart in public, but every last one of them would jump at the opportunity to switch places with her.


2 Responses to “LOVING WHAT IS”

  1. hellenistic Says:

    I have to say I love your writing style, and you bring up some great points. When you note that “[t]he volume of stories featuring weight loss and dieting is astounding; it has to be the extreme sport of the 21st century” I can’t help but wonder, is it the fault of such writers for expounding poor advice, or the fault of the individuals for not using common sense strategies?

    Then again, why pick and choose? Everyone is to blame for being so absurd.

  2. acceptance is the answer to all that ails.

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