It’s arguably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard . . . and the lamest excuse for personal accountability ever invented.  Presuming that one will be judged in the afterlife, what sort of omnipotent being will believe that the dog ate your homework?

One who already knows how spineless you really are and is well-acquainted with your appetite for blame.  You can hope that He’ll indulge you, forgiving your unkindness, while you furiously quote the passages that most justify your actions.  Of course you have mastery over the world; it’s your playground, isn’t it?  You can run roughshod over the earth and its inhabitants because you just can’t help yourself.  You’ve been a mess since she led you astray.

Those irritating females, what can you do to keep them in line?  I mean, you’ve tried just about everything:  You’ve clubbed them, enslaved them, obligated them, restrained them sexually, covered them with veils and shrouds, branded them, mutilated their feet, genitals and faces to keep them docile. You yell at them, condemn them, smack them around, abandon them and their offspring, criticize them, belittle them, and force them to carry the responsibility for the fall of man. 

And yet you’re still miserable.  I guess your brilliant plan didn’t succeed.  Now you have no choice but to reflect upon your actions and take responsibility for yourself.  But don’t be alarmed; we won’t be demanding payback for what you’ve done.  Once you’ve fully understood the consequences of your behavior, the horror alone will be enough to chasten you.


One Response to “I LOVE ORIGINAL SIN”

  1. like looking in a mirror. good stuff.

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