There’s something to be said for keeping calm in the midst of disaster.  While the storm rages, it’s possible to be utterly quiet, listening only to what is occuring in the moment. 

There really isn’t any point to bemoaning the weather; it doesn’t change its course.   In fact, what disaster, natural or otherwise, was prevented by worry?  Handwringing never solves anything, yet it’s the default mode of most people.  Yes, afterward there will be clean-up and costs to be paid, but neither of these can be avoided. 

It can be argued that upheaval triggers deep emotions and not to participate with them is a sign of indifference.  It’s hard to watch your house or marriage blow away and not feel sadness.   Yet, what is actually provoking the sadness?  Is it the shock of the present, or moments future and past? 

If one is fully present, one cannot  know what will happen from moment to moment.  The storm could shift course, it might worsen or it may suddenly disappear .  Any of these are possible, yet none of them are actually occuring.   If we don’t know what will happen, why do we presume?

Reactions based on the past or future are groundless.  If one is operating from either, then there is cause for hysteria because one is in freefall and that’s really something to worry about!  However, weaning off the speculation habit is difficult.  Fretting can be exhilarating.  The rollercoaster of emotions spin in every direction; who wants to give up the rush?

Perhaps addiction is the real problem.   Those craving the highs and lows might regard a life without them as boring and uninteresting.  What they haven’t discovered is the sheer joy of being freed at last.


One Response to “EYE OF THE HURRICANE”

  1. to walk calmly amidst the chaos is to be free. to accept everything around us as how it is is to be happy.

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