After observing a few high-profile individuals as well as some friends succumbing to the temptations of regression, I began to wonder what prompts a reasonable person with goals and ambition to start looking backward?  Do they come to a crossroads and the assessment sends them into a tailspin?  Is it a form of mid-life crisis?  What is it about the future that makes one so squeamish?

It could be our over-reliance upon youth.  None of us really think we’ll get any older; it’s just a distant notion that seems unrelated.  Sure, we have elderly family members and neighbors, but who among us actually consider that age, and all that it conjures, is our lot as well?  It’s usually just dismissed, like a disease that can be prevented with exercise and nutrition.  However, despite your best efforts to stave it off, it always shows up.

Maybe we’re just afraid of death.  We see the landmarks along the way and delude ourselves by thinking that removing or altering them will cheat the outcome waiting at journey’s end.  How many people have you seen suddenly reverting to high school behavior, oblivious to its effect?  Maybe we laugh at the balding guy in the red convertible, but to him, he’s actually re-living the thrill of adolescence.   And so is the nip-and-tucked matron running around with her young boyfriend.  As long as their minds are occupied with pleasant distractions, they don’t have to face the inevitable.

It will come nonetheless.   You can go gracefully or kicking and screaming, but go you must.   Even the most stubborn middle-aged toddler eventually realizes this.  The tantrums and willfulness only work when the parent can be manipulated.   I don’t think the Reaper is that easily persuaded.



  1. Interesting post-I struggle with accepting hair loss. I’m not aware of what it would mean to have some of my hair back. I don’t think I deny I’m aging, but I struggle with integrating it into my understanding of myself. In much the same way, I look in the mirror and my hair and face seem the same, and then I see a photo and zoom in on my bald spot. I then wonder should I just shave my head and be completely bald, or just ride out the ambivalent and uncomfortable feelings that come with the process of getting older.

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