It is astounding how long one can perch.  If all creature comforts are provided, one could in theory stay up there for an entire lifetime.  How marvelous it must be to sit in judgment above it all and watch people scurry below.  Being removed from the action gives one a sense of purpose, a smug satisfaction knowing that the trifles in life need not ever be a bother. 

Tedious colleagues at work?   Try selective hearing.  Annoying relationship difficulties?  Pretend the other doesn’t count and go about your business.  Eventually, your indifference will be interpreted as wisdom and people will flock to you for advice.  That you have none to give is irrelevant; people always admire the fixed and unassailable.  You could tell them virtually anything and they’d believe you.

You need never reveal the true reason for withdrawal.  You could blame the other party, the environment, the economy or karma.  We are such a litigious society that blame is not only expected, it’s rewarded.  So, go ahead!  Blame somebody else for your woes.

With time you might even forget the reasons why you’re sitting on the fence.  You may actually come to believe the lies you’ve told yourself.  All those niggling self-doubts are forgotten, blanketed under a thick cushion of inertia.  It can become so deep, there’s no way of knowing what’s underneath unless it’s stripped away; something that will never happen since you’re so vested in maintaining appearance.

So, sit back and relax.  You can bide your time, endlessly if that’s your choice.  Nobody is forcing you off the bench and into the game.  You can watch it from the bleachers and make snide comments about the ineptitude of the players.  Of course, never having actually played the game, you’re in no position to judge, but who cares?  If somebody calls your bluff, you can lie about that as well.


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