He pats the lovable ditz on the head and sends her packing.  Order is restored in his sleepy little town, unpredictability and chance squashed beneath size 13 boots.

And so the curtain descends, thanks given to the generous sponsors and the home audience, once riveted to their seats around the RCA radio, breathe a collective sigh, relieved that their hero has once again escaped the clutches of a silly female.

It played out like a serial comedy, didn’t it?  Replete with canned laughter and broad jokes made at the heroine’s expense.  It’s so easy to poke fun at the dim-witted; they tend to laugh along.  But if the the ninny ever gets wise to the source of the humor, gaslighting is an effective way to throw her off.  “Why would I ever mislead you, Gracie?  I’m your friend.”

Ah, nothing beats a happy ending!   . . . unless of course an examination of the premise reveals that the hero is really not as self-important as he thinks.  Would the audience care as deeply if he had no adversary, no goofy counterpart to make him look good by comparison?  Probably not; perfection makes for dull copy.

Although she’s vanquished episode after episode,  the listener still awaits her return, secretly hoping that the ill-suited pair will reconcile their differences and fade into the sunset on a never-ending adventure.


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