What is it about the older woman/younger man coupling that prompts everyone to comment?  Is it such a bitchslap to natural order that even the mildest of people have to weigh in?  

I visited a local watering hole last weekend with some friends and if it hadn’t been pointed out to me, I would have never noticed that it was teeming with single ladies of a certain age.  The presence of single women is hardly noteworthy; but based on the snickers of the men around me, these women were an exception.

Aside from a few who dressed as they did in their 20s, most of them were fit and well-preserved, a fact not lost on my companions who evaluated their assets.  That they even warranted a second look attests to their ability to stay competitive.   However, they were uniformly condemned for their impertinance and predation.

I couldn’t help but wonder why an attractive woman in her prime would arouse so much suspicion.  Why so many presumptions?  If the reactions of my companions were any indication, then she must pose a threat.

Perhaps she cannot compete with young girls in terms of youth and childbearing, but women are capable of far more than ornamentation and breeding.  It’s easy to reduce a woman’s relevance to two services and then dismiss her if she cannot perform.  What’s more challenging and threatening is to suddenly realize that she is capable of a whole lot more.  Without the crutch of categorization, men have to contend with women as functional human beings who have unknown agenda. 

This can be unsettling for the traditional male who suddenly finds himself out of the loop.  Is it contempt that he holds, or fear?  If he assumes the lady is like himself and is on the prowl for a young companion, might he feel a little dejected knowing that he’s too old to merit notice?  Or is it the reversal of hunting roles that disturb him?

Or, dare I say it, does her presence remind him of his own mortality?


3 Responses to “COUGAR BAIT”

  1. Well, whatever it is, I wouldn’t mind having a younger boyfriend!

  2. You are not alone, sistah. 😛

  3. You got it right, sistah! It’s threatening.

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