So many hopes are pinned to this man, I wonder if he can remain airborne.  Like the many who preceeded him and those who will follow, the greatest challenge is not winning the White House, but making good on his promises.

It’s almost impossible not to like him.  He’s a smart man in a stupid world.  And we have grown weary of the clumsy men and women in high office who don’t even take pains to conceal their selfishness.  It may be hard, impossible even, to remain virtuous in a cesspool like Washington, but that’s exactly what we want from our elected officials.

I don’t envy him the job he’s about to tackle.  Who wants to clean up another’s mess?  Undoubtedly, he will be blamed for the shitstorm and then criticized for not acting fast enough to dispose of it.  Isn’t that what a larger-than-life hero does?  He finds solutions to intractable problems and eliminates them with a blast from his X-ray eyes!

It will take more than a super-hero to deliver us from this evil.  Unless each one of us is prepared to commit to unflinching self-examination and to behave with rigorous honesty, we cannot expect it from politicians.   They are only as noble -or wicked- as the constituency they represent.


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