Why must my sensibilities be under constant assault?   Is there some great unexplained cosmic reason why the self-styled goddess of pop music cannot keep her legs closed?  Is the crevice to which we are forcibly privy the font from which all creative license flows?

This may come as a shock, but not all wretched human beings travailling the earth are as engrossed with the V as she may presume.  Some find the display too shopworn to merit any serious interest.  And others, such as myself, wonder why a 50-year old woman would parade about with her goodies front and center.  Sure, she has a killer body and looks great for her age, but so do countless other women.    Babyboomers are not going quietly into that good night.  They’re nipping, tucking and Pilatesizing themselves into new paradigms of how a mature woman ages.

However, not all of them hang on to the juvenile notion that flashing the beaver will send their admirers (or detractors) into a frenzy.  Most of us leave behind the silly posturing of youth when we realize that, like shoulder pads and glitter spandex, not all the choices we made when young were wise.  Besides, defiance is only credible when the subject has nothing and therefore, nothing to lose.

Reinvention has always been the word most closely associated with this performer.  Why she insists upon recycling the old is a mystery, unless of course, it’s her contribution to end global warming.  I hope for the sake of all poor souls doomed to witness the countless farewell tours to come that they are not forced to endure more of the same.  But then again, by the time she hits the Las Vegas buffet circuit, there may be a tribute Cirque de Soleil in her honor.



  1. herstorywritten Says:

    haha… I’d have this woman’s baby if I could but I imagine the constant parading of open legs can get tiresome after the novelty and initial shock wears off after say… the 80s. I’m not sure why, but her daughter lourdes intrigues me. I did a google search on her the other day and she’s quite the little fashionista. <—Random comment from pro-madonna, anti-spread eagle chick. 🙂

  2. … and she seems to have better taste than her mother as well, although without Mom’s bankroll, she’d hardly make copy in Womens Wear Daily! :-)))

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