Is it just me, or am I seeing triple?
Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, three Australian actresses earnestly channeling their inner Brigitte Bardot.  If they weren’t all in a rush to declare undying friendship, I’d suspect that there is more than a healthy rivalry between the lot.
Observe the Battle of the Icy Fashionistas, each one more glamorous, more severe, more impossibly skinny than the next.  With each red carpet stroll, the three inch closer to the stylist’s vision of gender neutral.
Even in retro hairstyles, they Marcel en masse.  Cate feigns indifference as Nicole becomes increasingly blonde and Naomi struggles to keep up.   It’s not an easy feat yielding to the stylist’s blade as it slices and dices character into homogenized bits.



And why use gestation as an excuse to become fat and unrecognizable?  Surely not these fashion-forward Moms!  Black might be slimming, but it’s still the number one color choice for the stylish celeb who cannot abide the thought of capri pants and oversized t-shirts.  Swollen ankles and stretch marks?  They’re only for the plebs who can’t afford spin classes and live-in doulas.


  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about it like that. They all look very gender neutral indeed. Does any man get turned on by any one of them? Or did they all go to an IVF clinic?

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