Who was the smartypants that coined the phrase ‘the stripperization of American women’?  I guarantee you it wasn’t a man.  What red-blooded man doesn’t appreciate the athleticism necessary to dangle from a pole?  Just think of the skill needed to ascend a pole clad only in a pair of 5-inch acrylic heels.  It takes more than good looks and a healthy drug dependency to scale the lofty heights; even firemen only manage to slide down!  

And now some wetblanket is bemoaning our growing appreciation for degradation.  What a buzzkill.  It’s not enough that we’re insufficiently braindead to suit the politically correct morons of the world, now we have to relinquish all our vice and behave like geldings because we must set a good example! 

What’s more important that wallowing in self-gratification?  At least it provides diversion from reality.  Better to occupy yourself with mindless activity than scrutinize the sorry waste your life has become.  God forbid that you take any responsibility for your actions!   Besides, who wants to spend a lifetime searching for truth when heaven is just inside your pants?

Being good is hard and there’s no real incentive to do it.   It will take more than the whining of a pedantic loser to make the case for chastity.  Too many are entrenched, fixated upon the only pleasurable outlet they have in life.  And why should that come as a surprise to the intelligensia?  They’re patronizing strip clubs and buying pornography as often as the sleazebags they revile.  It’s not a multi-billion dollar industry for nothing!

A business that large and profitable can only be managed by corporation.  If Academic Alarmist wants to confront real evil, she’d best stop browbeating the lonely millworkers and single dads that frequent the local fleshpot and address the faceless purveyors of beauty, sex appeal and desirability.  But of course, that might be tantamount to biting the hand that feeds.   Her publisher could well be owned by the monolithic multi-nationals that own the kiddie rag and vid market.  It simply wouldn’t do to have adverse publicity, unless it bolstered sales of Bratz dolls and “Eye Candy” thongs among preteens.

Before we despair that American ‘tweenies are falling prey to scuzzy influence and squeezing pole dancing lessons between ballet and scrapbooking, let’s calm down and remember who is behind all the purchasing, scheduling and micro-managing of the kids’ lives:  Mom and Dad.



  1. Caroline Says:

    I never thought about it like that really, but you are so right. Looking forward to your next rant!

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