There is no point searching for intelligent design among a species bereft of reason.  Look at newspapers (if you still bother to read one) and television:  More testimony of the failure of human beings to take their heads out of the collective ass.    It’s not only demoralizing to witness, it’s painful to be party to.  One can’t simply refuse to participate without being anti-social.  The only option is to lie back and watch the world implode.

Of course, one can always pick up the banner of charity.  Hollywood loves the earnest celebrity weary of privilege.  Nearly every tabloid carries at least one story of some svelte egotist giving time and self to a heavily-publicized cause.   And the reader of same will sigh and judge himself unfavorably against the actions of his selfless brother.  Oh, but if he were a man of greater importance!  What marvelous changes would be wrought!

It never occurs to him that a 70+ hour work week leaves little time for family, let alone for the needy.  He does not have the luxury of self-promotion because he’s chained to the gerbil wheel and he spins it hard for upper management.  If he did not, he would be standing alongside the bums at the soup kitchen. 

But corporate multinationals don’t want their indentured servants questioning rank, so even CEOs have to trot out their charitable concerns on occasion, just to keep the chattel (and IRS) happy.  Aren’t huge tax deductions grand?   

With the world enslaved or eking out a subsistance living, supervision defaults to power-mongers and narcissists who are incapable of seeing beyond their own needs.  Nearly every day we are entreated to give more of ourselves, usually by the same people who have made this impossible.  Poverty!  Hunger!  Injustice!  Disease!  Terrible problems that can only be addressed if we part with our dollars and embrace our fellow man in a spirit of unselfish love!  One has to admire the balls of those making the tearful pleas.  They know their audience and they’re not ashamed to work every morose sentiment.   

Like the movie audience, everyone is happy in the dark. A handful of people perch atop the remainder and those below are content to fight for their leavings.  The afflictions of the world continue unchecked and the bias circles in perpetuity.  The reason bestowed by intelligent design or accident is subverted and a few lucky people benefit.


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