Like being caught between a rock and a hard place, I jumped in here to post my scribblings because more and more people, for some unknown reason, were asking to read them.  So then I had to ask myself to where would I send these would-be readers of mine if not the fansite cocoon where they’d been festering for months.  But not all readers have an appetite for compulsive behavior and mindless devotion to persons far away.  What was I to do?

Purge my conscience in a public forum!  Drag my hothouse fantasies out into the open where they can be properly dissected, devoured or ridiculed.  How long can I sit alone with florid scenarios streaming into my mind?  My head is ready to split open!  There’s only so long that an aspiring writer can silence the mob of voices.  Eventually they’ll clamor loud and long enough to be heard outside one’s head.

And why wouldn’t anyone choose the (relative) anonymity of a public blog?  It’s not like one’s obliged to orate before a bored, or worse, audience.  Maybe the sweaty palms and nausea that used to accompany my stage fright will recede from memory as I leave, one by one, the burdens that plagued me.  Whether the reader decides to pick one up or kick it away is entirely up to them.


2 Responses to “WINGING IT”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Hi Kimmy, I really love your blog. I hove you will get lots of readers. Your stories are worth it.

  2. Thanks, Caroline!!! Coming from you, that means a lot!!

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