Did I tell you I love Don Ameche?  Maybe I didn’t always esteem him so highly, but after witnessing his turn in “Midnight” with Claudette Colbert, I developed a new respect for him.

Was it that scenery-chewing in “Cocoon” that repulsed me, or was it just the generalized tone of our society coming to bear on my conscience?  Who in their right mind expects love to flourish in the senior years?  Aren’t grandpas and grandmas asexual?  At least I thought I did until my 91-year old neighbor unexpectedly sold her home and moved in with her boyfriend, 93. 

Their love story, I guess, is no different than the average teenager’s.  There may be fewer pimples on their cheeks, but their eyes still shine as brightly.  I was forced to remember that once they, too, were young and fresh, like Don Ameche playing up the slapstick in the Parisian backlot in Hollywood. Time only ravages the body, not desire.


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